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The Amsterdam basin’s modern soft square design will complement a range of bathtubs and was designed with the Amsterdam bathtub. Please follow, like & share:


The perfect blend of modern and traditional, the Amsterdam Bath with its rectangular form and soft curves invites you to a relaxing bathing experience. Please follow, like & share:


Let your guard down in the Claire bathtub, this stunning tub gives nothing but love with its contemporary style and perfectly smooth finish. It’s an experience you know you deserve. Please follow, like & share:

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DADO’s CITY RANGE SERIES #1 Amsterdam freestanding bathtubs and basins, part of DADO’s contemporary City Range, are in perfect harmony with the Dutch city of Amsterdam’s vision and quality of life. Amsterdam – affectionately called the ‘Venice of the North,’ – is an iconic location built around water, where meandering canals form the heart and 


Quality is a huge determining factor when it comes to the purchase of long-term investment items such as a bathtub. In the purchase of items such as this, it is in the consumer’s best interest to do thorough research about the options that they have available to them. This includes assessing the quality of the 

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At DADO, we’re fascinated by wanderlust – the impulse to travel and explore the world. Our City Range of freestanding bathtubs and matching basins offer you the opportunity to experience the essence of world-class cities without setting foot outside your bathroom.   Author, John Green, is quoted as saying, “I’m in love with cities I’ve never