Maintaining quartz – Looking after your DADOquartzBathroom Fittings

maintaining quartz

Maintaining Quartz is not as sophisticated as you may think. In fact, you may already have everything you need to look after your DADOquartz fittings right under your kitchen sink

Aimed at homeowners, designers and architects alike, we strive to bring you the latest trends along with practical advice on all things ‘quartz’ through our monthly Blog. Last month, we focused your attention on adding a stylish basin to your modern bathroom. Looking beyond the purchase of a stunning bath fixture, your attention will surely be drawn to maintaining quartz bathroom fittings. The answer, in short, is that with regular cleaning, maintaining your bathtub or basin is relatively simple. It all boils down to the materials you use to maintain quartz surfaces. Read on, as we recommend materials to clean and look after your DADOquartz bathroom fittings with, as well as serving a precaution for chemical concoctions to stay clear of.

Maintenance is as ‘simple as soap’

At DADO, we manufacture our entire range of bathtubs and basins from our unique DADOquartz, an engineered stone made from resin, quartz and other natural materials. Keeping a clean, hygienic surface ranks high in a customer’s mind when purchasing a luxurious bathtub or basin. The nonporous element of quartz will ensure that bath fittings will not absorb any liquids, limiting maintenance to a surface clean. Most cleaning will just require a cotton cloth and some mild soap after each use. Washing your DADOquartz surface in warm water will help to get rid of marks and residue left behind. Rest assured, personal hygiene products and cosmetics will not damage the surface. By devoting routine cleaning to your DADOquartz fittings, you can keep your bathtubs and basins polished to perfection, and as spotless as when it first lit up your bathroom space.

AvoidAny Petroleum or Acidic based cleaners which will leave a greasy appearance!


Tougher Stains are “handy” to clean too!

Maintaining quartz bath fixtures does come with the bonus of stain and scratch resistance. However, they are not indestructible! For more stubborn stains you can use our specially formulated DADO Surface Cleaner included in your purchase (delivered with the product). Removing stains caused by the buildup of hard water or cosmetics can be achieved with a damp sponge and a mild multi-purpose cleaner such as Handy Andy. Just like your kitchen countertop, applying circular motions thoroughly over the affected area will eventually remove stains and restore your bath fixture to its spotless finish. Should you ever encounter a scratch on the surface of your DADO bathtub or basin, it can easily be removed using “wet n dry 400 grit” sandpaper. Apply with water and gently sand out the scratch.


Avoid – Harsh Cleaning Products containing Ammonia or Bleach when maintaining quartz. In addition, do not use products containing trichlorethane or methylene chloride, such as paint stripper.



Consistently at the forefront of luxury bathroom ware in South Africa, DADO has been manufacturing and maintaining high-quality freestanding bathtubs and basins since 2002. Applying our unique DADOquartz material by hand to every design, each customer is guaranteed a timeless masterpiece that is exceptionally strong, hygienic and naturally beautiful. The attention to detail in the craftsmanship of each DADO product is also backed up a 25 Year Warranty. For further information on maintaining quartz and taking care of your installed DADO bathtub, please refer to our installation care link, Download our Catalogue today to view the array of designs available in both a matt/polished and gloss finish. To stay ahead of the trends, be sure to follow our Facebook Page for all product updates, new releases, and special offers.

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Emerging freestanding Bathroom Trends

freestanding bathroom

A Freestanding bathroom continues to play a central role in the shift in lifestyle design, and from the sketches of the world’s top designers, we are witnessing the emergence of beautiful features with a great deal of individuality.

In our previous Blog article, we discussed bathroom remodelling tips for homeowners that are set to become the emerging trends of 2018. Following on from this, we explore the emerging freestanding bathroom trends that are dominating the minds of designers, architects, and homeowners, and playing a key role in this exciting market. The purpose of a bathroom has, up until recent times, been purely seen as a functional area, a place to shower and bathe and get on with the day. However, people have gradually grown an appreciation of the bath space as something much more than that – a place of relaxation, wellness and rejuvenation. This has led to an emergence of contemporary trends that treat the bathroom as a personal sanctuary, an escape from the pressure and stresses of daily life.

Seeing the wider picture in the home.

The bathroom space is no longer a humble box room, and homeowners are now sensibly investing in freestanding bathroom appliances that transform the shape of their entire home.

Merging your bathroom to the Master Bedroom

While freestanding bathrooms have always proved popular with both the elite and the masses, their look and feel have evolved significantly in the 21st century. Gone are the days of the cast iron baths, which were both bulky and strenuous to maintain. In its place, there has been an emergence of both contemporary and chic freestanding tubs and basins. The classic Victorian has also been given a refreshing overhaul with a more minimalist design that still maintains its luxurious feel, and sits perfectly in the master bedroom. The Victoria Bath, from DADO’s Classic Range, is a seamless example of this.

Natural Stone Finishes to the fore

With an emerging design of freestanding bathroom finishes blending into the greater environment of the bathroom, stone and natural finishes are becoming more popular. In particular, quartz and other resin materials create a natural stone appearance that is incredibly strong and crafted to sit as ‘works of art’ in the bathroom.


With a Standard, City, and Classic freestanding bathtub and complementary basin range, DADO is at the forefront of the latest bathroom trends and have a design solution for every bathroom.  Using the latest manufacturing technology and innovation, Dado’s freestanding bathtubs and basins are manufactured from our own unique DADOquartz material. We are known for our timeless sophisticated designs like the Acanthus, Moloko and Deonne bathtubs and complementary basins. As a testament to the exceptional durability of all our products, we back up our work with a 25 Year Warranty on all baths and basins. Visit our online showroom today, and find the next centrepiece for your bathroom space.

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A Brief History of Quartz in Bathroom Design


There is no denying that quartz stone has become one of the most sought-after materials for homeowners, designers and architects wishing to take their interior design to the next level of luxury.

Quartz oozes style and sophistication. However, its endearing qualities are the durability of the substance in bathroom applications, and the low maintenance required to keep baths and basins in pristine shape for decades.
The use of quartz dates back thousands of years, with historical evidence locating the substance in passage tombs in Ireland, Eastern Europe and Egypt. In the Middle East and Asia, it was also identified in jewellery, gems and crystal vases. While quartz was found in mineral deposits around the world, it was an exceptionally hard substance. Given the limitations and the lack of engineering tools available during those times, quartz features were often limited to lavish sculptures, carved from a single piece of crystal.
Man-Made Natural Bathtubs
In more recent times, bathtubs carved out of a single crystal of stone were once the preserve of opulent households, 5-star Presidential suites and royal palaces. However, the industry’s greatest breakthrough came in the late 1960’s, when manufacturers’ began to mix quartz stone with polymer resins and other natural materials. The result was an equally durable product, but now allowing quartz products to be customized to the customers’ specifications. The addition of natural materials also added a variety of pigments to bathroom products and an emerging market for stylish bathtubs and basins that were both affordable and offered guaranteed longevity for the investment.
Quartz’s adaptation to Bathrooms
The innovation of 20th-century engineers finally opened up a mass market to homeowners, who now have access to luxurious freestanding bathtubs, basins and countertops. For consumers who understand and value the importance of bathing for both their physical and mental wellbeing, they could finally acquire an exceptional bathtub, without the added stress of financial ruin!
DADO’s own unique adaptation, DADOquartz
From the earth of Southern Africa, quartz is mined, crushed and combined with a mixture of resins and other natural minerals to create DADO’s own unique DADOquartz material. Its special properties give their products its alluring characteristics, exceptional hardness and distinguishing longevity. DADOquartz is used to manufacture perfectly crafted luxury freestanding bathtubs and basins for markets worldwide.
DADOquartz designs products that are:
  • Warm to the touch – due to its high heat retention properties your bathtub will heat up quickly and remain warm throughout your relaxing bathing experience
  • Exceptionally strong – with a solid structure, stringent technical criteria and special engineering process, they created a product with the highest quality that is supported by a 25-year warranty
  • Perfectly crafted the void-free structure is free of hairline cracks, resistant to scratching, stains and abrasion and hand finished to ensure a smooth satin feel.
  • Clean and hygienic the non-porous material ensures an easy to clean surface that is also resistant to micro organisms and bacterial growth
  • Works of artthere is no denying the statement DADO’s bathtubs and basins make with their natural matt stone appearance and satin finish. Products are also available in a high gloss finish and the exterior can be painted after purchase
Browse through our product range to see what we have to offer.
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