Freestanding Baths -Transforming into an iconic Victorian-era Powder Room

When considering a classic style for your bathroom transformation, the Victorian-era offers timeless freestanding baths inspiration, which can spruce up and add a touch of glamour to any dull bathroom.

The Victorian period, the era of Queen Victoria’s reign between June 1837 and January 1901, was a highly progressive timeline in British history; the miracle of indoor plumbing originated, public baths were established for all, while wealthy families built splendid bathrooms in their mansions, complete with freestanding baths and decorative basins. When it comes to current bathroom inspiration, many homeowners still look back fondly to the past. And for those seeking to recreate a powder-room reminiscent of an opulent Victorian bathroom, you’ll be glad to know that freestanding baths of this era are just as popular now as when they first came into existence in the mid-1800’s.

A Classic Bathroom in a Compact Space

In our previous Blog, we explored the property trends towards modern bathtubs in smaller bathrooms. Interestingly, this draws a parallel to Victorian bathrooms which were also small and narrow in scale, accommodating small bathtubs to fit into the bathing space. Transforming your bathroom is largely a matter of space and comfort. With the addition of compact freestanding baths, you can enjoy just as much comfort and rejuvenation as in a larger tub. Bathrooms can become every bit as lavish as kitchens and bedrooms. The Julia Bathtub from the DADO Compact Range is a stunning illustration of a compact bathtub that brings Victorian-era style into a classic, luxury bathroom. For those blessed with an expanse of floor space, the Victoria bathtub is the quintessential classic bath to complement your master bathroom.

The Ball and Claw Bathtub – Making its Mark!

One of the most iconic images of the Victorian-era powder rooms has to be ‘ball-and-claw’ freestanding baths. Traditionally made entirely from cast-iron, they weighed a tonne and did not retain heat very well. With modern designs experimenting with lightweight materials, these classic chic bathtubs are making a strong comeback. Moulded into what are known as “slipper baths”, they make a striking impact in any bathroom design that they are incorporated into. The Sophia Slipper Bathtub, from the DADO Classic Range of freestanding bathtubs, is a luxurious modern interpretation of this Victorian-era ablution room favourite.


DADO is a luxury bathroom ware brand established in 2007 and renowned for luxurious freestanding baths and basins, which are manufactured from their own unique DADOquartz material. Whether you are creating an oasis of luxury in a small bathroom or looking to add a timeless masterpiece to your master bathroom, DADO offers more than 25 different designs, leaving you spoilt for choice. Find your nearest DADO distributor today using our online Store Locator.


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Freestanding Bathtubs -Upgrading in Cape Town

freestanding bathtubs

Investing in your bathing experience by upgrading to freestanding bathtubs has been one of the most popular home makeover decisions of the past few months.

As Capetonians strive to occupy their beach houses and city penthouses with a truly luxurious feel, homeowners have continually looked to local designers for a unique selection of freestanding bathtubs and basins to complete their lavish home makeover. In our previous Blog, we offered some practical everyday tips on reusing your bath grey-water to play your part in preventing Day Zero. While the water crisis should never escape our minds, we hope the article has inspired you to apply some of our water-saving tips, and perhaps reduce bath usage to special occasions. A freestanding bathtub is more than just a bathing space – it is the epitome of style, sophistication and confidence and there’s no reason why it cannot be the centrepiece of your dream bathroom in 2018.

Aspirational Living in heart of the Mother City

“They say a Boer makes a plan but Capetonians make magic” (Unknown)  With the luxury of scenic views, rolling waves, tranquil surrounds and rising living standards, one doesn’t need to look far to source magical inspiration in the Cape. In the quest for ‘timeless luxury’, residents have drawn such inspiration to spruce up their bathroom space. For homeowners embracing the ultra-modern city living, freestanding bathtubs such as the Ava and Deonne baths from the DADO Standard range are a must-have addition that complete an ideal upgrade to modern luxury in compact spaces. It entices even the busiest Capetonian to relax and unwind at the end of a hectic working day, a teleport into your own inner spa sanctuary without leaving the house.

A freestanding Bathtub with an Ocean Backdrop

The positioning of freestanding bathtubs in Cape Town’s opulent beachfront properties have been a stylish focal point that adds a spa-like serenity to the bathroom space. When location means everything to you, demand the same degree of luxury in your bathing experience. Freestanding wide-rim bathtubs from DADO’s standard range, including the Palm Bath and the Acanthus oval bath, are the ultimate luxury statements in beachfront living. They are even spacious enough for two to enjoy! Incorporating the aforementioned bathtub designs into your beach house bathroom accentuates the nature that surrounds you, and convinces you to spend just that little bit more time in the bath.


DADO is a luxury bathroom ware brand established in 2007, Our freestanding bathtubs and basins are manufactured from our own unique DADOquartz material. Its special properties give our products its alluring characteristics, exceptional hardness and distinguishing longevity. DADOquartz is used to manufacture perfectly crafted luxury freestanding bathtubs and basins to markets worldwide. Boasting a Catalogue of over 25 different products, DADO crafts a design solution for every bathroom space. We proudly invite you to our Cape Town showroom in Paarden Eiland (View on Map) to get up close and personal with our bespoke range of bath products. Contact DADO today to make an appointment and make your dream upgrade to a freestanding bathtub a reality.

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Bath Grey-water – Reusing your Bathtub’s Water and play your part in preventing Day Zero

bath grey-water

Within our Blog, we aim to add our voice to issues that expand beyond luxury bathtubs into promoting responsible bath grey-water usage and respecting this finite resource.

As we wait with bated breath for the exact moment ‘Day Zero” creeps upon us, bathing has inevitably come under intense scrutiny as a contributor to water wastage. However, for many folks living in the driest corners of South Africa, Day Zero is an everyday reality. These residents have had to become resilient, yet through the recycling of bath grey-water, they have been able to spread this precious resource far and wide.

In our previous article, we shared our safest methods for maintaining your DADOquartz bathroom fittingsAt DADO, we receive a lot of feedback, tips and occasionally some concerns about bathwater consumption. In this article, we offer a few suggestions on how to best utilize the remaining bath water in your tub (known as bath grey-water) after each use. While Day Zero has gladly been pushed further out to 9th July at the time of writing (Source: EWN), we don’t need to wait for emergency plans to be drawn up by municipalities in order to get real about the situation. We are the enforcers of change and with a few daily water-hacks prioritizing sensible bathwater re-usage, we may never have to face that ominous day when the cities turn off their taps!


Reuse Grey-Water for other Household Chores

Considering the water restrictions that are being enforced, grey-water is far too precious to just throw down the drain. From now on, consider Grey-Water as ‘water you can use twice’. With bathwater providing a proportionate amount of our daily water usage, salvage what you need and consider using it to clean your floors and windows. Other uses extend to; watering household plants and handwashing clothes. Remember to use the bathwater in hygienic ways and take necessary steps to minimize any risk of contamination.


Reuse Bathwater to keep your Garden in full Bloom.

Nothing raises the ire of suburbia more than sprinklers in full flow during an extended dry season. If you still have an old watering can that is stowed away in the garage, fill it up with your bath grey-water and tend to your grass and garden plants without connecting to any water mains. Not only does it promote responsible water-recycling, it may inspire your neighbours to change their habits and avoid stepping onto that ‘naughty list’ of Cape Town’s biggest water-wasters.


Share the same Bathwater amongst Family Members.

DADO products are made of DADOquartz which means not only is it luxuriously smooth and silky, its full-bodied solid structure means exceptionally high heat retention. This means, your daily bath will stay warm for longer and can be enjoyed by more than one user. While it is not an ideal prospect for everyone and may involve tough decisions on who gets the ‘first dip’, it is a fantastic initiative to reduce your daily water consumption. Furthermore, the bath grey-water can be recycled for the household and garden chores mentioned above.

Bathwater Reusage NoNo’s

While grey-water sourced from the bathtub is relatively clean, it can contain chemicals and bacteria which may be harmful to your children and pets. There are a number of clear instances where your bath grey-water should not be used in the household. These include;

  • Drinking (including Pets)
  • Brushing your Teeth
  • Food preparation and Handling.

Needless to say, try and reuse your warm bathwater as soon as possible. Apart from avoiding a lurking smell, it stops bacteria from multiplying and becoming a risk to your garden and home. If you have any further grey-water tips, we’d love to hear about them  Feel free to share them, either with the Team directly, or by posting on our Facebook Page


DADO Bathtubs and Basins

DADO is a luxury bathroom ware brand established in 2002. Inspired by both natural beauty and sophisticated design, each DADO product is made from our unique DADOquartz material and hand finished to ensure that smooth, luxurious detail complements its functional use. DADO’s signature bathtubs and complimentary basins are inspired by both nature and the sophisticated urban landscape, encapsulated in the minimalistic yet elegant contours of its City, Classic and Standard ranges. Download our Latest Catalogue to view design solutions for every bathroom.  Use our Store Locator to find an approved DADO retailer near you, and make an appointment with your next timeless bathroom masterpiece

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Add a Stylish Basin to your Modern Bathroom

stylish basin

Having invested in a freestanding bathtub for your bathroom, the addition of a stylish basin to your modern space can better reflect your bathrooms overall aesthetic.

Both masterpieces highly complement each other and can convert your drab bathroom into a stunning modern space. Towards the end of 2017, we touched on the history of quartz design while drawing inspiration for remodeling your bathroom going forward. As we enter into 2018, we cannot overemphasize enough, adding a stylish basin to your bathroom project, guaranteeing that it will have a dramatic effect on the look and feel of your bathroom. Basins have outgrown their purpose as a mere functional necessity to wash your hands and face – they are a key design element in your home and will remain relevant for years to come.

 Choosing a design that appeals to the shape of your space

Thanks to innovation in the bathroom design industry, freestanding basins are now being manufactured and distributed in all shapes and forms. For the consumer, it means you can also avail of a sleek, thin-rimmed, stylish basin that matches the contours of your bathtub, without compromising on strength. Fine and thinner edges to basins are a strong and emerging trend that has swept the market in recent times. Coupled with the durability of quartz material, we highly recommend DADOquartz’s Thin Rim range of bathroom basins. Available in a variety of styles and depths, they epitomize modern bathroom trends and bring its functionality to a whole new level.

 Basins as Contemporary Pillars of the Bathroom

True to its name, pillar basins stand out from the crowd and make a bold statement in the bathroom space. Pillar basins are great for smaller bathrooms where space is limited but also makes an impression when placed next to each other in repetition. Sometimes the hardest choice narrows down on whether to choose a circular or square element. DADOquartz has recognized the versatility and appeal of pillar basins, both in contemporary and in classic bathroom spaces. Their ‘Pillar Range’ series, featuring the gorgeous MangoAnnelie, and Edith models, is guaranteed to take your bathroom one step further, reinventing the functional bathroom experience.

 DADO – Beautiful and Befitting Basins

 DADO is a luxury bathroom ware brand established in 2002. Inspired by both natural beauty and sophisticated design, each DADO product is hand finished to ensure that smooth, luxurious detail complements its functional use. Our freestanding bathtubs and stylish basins are manufactured from our own unique DADOquartz material, guaranteed to last a generation and backed up by a 25-Year warrantyDownload our catalogue today, to find the design solution for your bathroom, and feel free to contact us about how to compliment your purchase with matching bathtubs and stylish basin.

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A Brief History of Quartz in Bathroom Design


There is no denying that quartz stone has become one of the most sought-after materials for homeowners, designers and architects wishing to take their interior design to the next level of luxury.

Quartz oozes style and sophistication. However, its endearing qualities are the durability of the substance in bathroom applications, and the low maintenance required to keep baths and basins in pristine shape for decades.
The use of quartz dates back thousands of years, with historical evidence locating the substance in passage tombs in Ireland, Eastern Europe and Egypt. In the Middle East and Asia, it was also identified in jewellery, gems and crystal vases. While quartz was found in mineral deposits around the world, it was an exceptionally hard substance. Given the limitations and the lack of engineering tools available during those times, quartz features were often limited to lavish sculptures, carved from a single piece of crystal.
Man-Made Natural Bathtubs
In more recent times, bathtubs carved out of a single crystal of stone were once the preserve of opulent households, 5-star Presidential suites and royal palaces. However, the industry’s greatest breakthrough came in the late 1960’s, when manufacturers’ began to mix quartz stone with polymer resins and other natural materials. The result was an equally durable product, but now allowing quartz products to be customized to the customers’ specifications. The addition of natural materials also added a variety of pigments to bathroom products and an emerging market for stylish bathtubs and basins that were both affordable and offered guaranteed longevity for the investment.
Quartz’s adaptation to Bathrooms
The innovation of 20th-century engineers finally opened up a mass market to homeowners, who now have access to luxurious freestanding bathtubs, basins and countertops. For consumers who understand and value the importance of bathing for both their physical and mental wellbeing, they could finally acquire an exceptional bathtub, without the added stress of financial ruin!
DADO’s own unique adaptation, DADOquartz
From the earth of Southern Africa, quartz is mined, crushed and combined with a mixture of resins and other natural minerals to create DADO’s own unique DADOquartz material. Its special properties give their products its alluring characteristics, exceptional hardness and distinguishing longevity. DADOquartz is used to manufacture perfectly crafted luxury freestanding bathtubs and basins for markets worldwide.
DADOquartz designs products that are:
  • Warm to the touch – due to its high heat retention properties your bathtub will heat up quickly and remain warm throughout your relaxing bathing experience
  • Exceptionally strong – with a solid structure, stringent technical criteria and special engineering process, they created a product with the highest quality that is supported by a 25-year warranty
  • Perfectly crafted the void-free structure is free of hairline cracks, resistant to scratching, stains and abrasion and hand finished to ensure a smooth satin feel.
  • Clean and hygienic the non-porous material ensures an easy to clean surface that is also resistant to micro organisms and bacterial growth
  • Works of artthere is no denying the statement DADO’s bathtubs and basins make with their natural matt stone appearance and satin finish. Products are also available in a high gloss finish and the exterior can be painted after purchase
Browse through our product range to see what we have to offer.
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Bathroom Remodel – Renovation Ideas for 2018

bathroom remodel

Are you thinking of a bathroom remodel next year? Or feeling energized to remodel your private sanctuary after striking a chord with the latest trends and patterns in bathroom interiors?

Once you’re satisfied that the architecture of your bathroom meets your requirements for practicality, comfort and relaxation, your real moment to shine comes with the selection of the quintessential features of your bathroom remodelling project.

A Balance between Function and Ornament

One of the standout bathroom remodel trends of 2017 has been “Timelessness”, and its popularity shows no sign of fading as we move towards another summer season of restyling and makeovers. Central to this concept in bathroom lifestyle and luxury, is the myriad of freestanding bath, basin and shower remodel options that have become an increasingly popular application by renowned interior designers today. Not only does it make your bathroom elegant and add an eclectic feel, it allows the bathing area to become the centrepiece of your bathroom, adding luxury and prestige to your space. The placing of freestanding appliances has stood the test of time. Choose a minimalist design, incorporating a stone or quartz bath as the focal point in the room. The addition of decor, accessories and textures to your bathroom can be limited to the bare essentials or personalized to reveal an accent of who you are, and what draws you into your relaxing retreat.

Granite has been the standard luxury counter and bathtubs for many years but in recent times, quartz has become very much in vogue with the world’s best designers and architects. High on functionality yet low on maintenance, it is scratch, stain and scorch resistant mimics natural stone and comes in a variety of patterns and colours. If you are looking to break the mould while enjoying ‘timeless luxury’, a bathroom remodel centred around quartz will liven up space, and allows you to have fun with styles and themes.

DADOquartz – Remodel with a stone of excellence

If you are looking to experiment and challenge all kinds of functionality, combined with a statement of luxury and allure, incorporate DADO’s own unique DADOquartz material as the keystone to your bathroom remodel. of your impending bathroom remodel. Its special properties give their products its alluring characteristics, exceptional hardness and distinguishing longevity. DADOquartz is used to manufacture perfectly crafted luxury freestanding bathtubs and basins for markets worldwide. All products are backed up by a 25-year warranty, committing to DADO’s core value of designing products that last for generations.

Browse through our current catalogue here, where you will be sure to find a bespoke collection that identifies with, and completes your dream bathroom renovation.

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