modern bathtubs
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By admin / July 25, 2018

Modern Bathtubs – Property Trends Towards Smaller Bathrooms

Modern bathtubs in smaller bathrooms are undergoing quite a revolution in recent times as urban property trends present a design...

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By admin / June 29, 2018

Freestanding Basins, Double up your Luxury Bathroom Transformation

While freestanding bathtubs generally tend to steal the thunder and title of ‘focal point’ of your luxurious, modern bathroom, equal...

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freestanding bathtubs
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By admin / May 3, 2018

Freestanding Bathtubs -Upgrading in Cape Town

Investing in your bathing experience by upgrading to freestanding bathtubs has been one of the most popular home makeover decisions...

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bath grey-water
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By admin / March 8, 2018

Bath Grey-water – Reusing your Bathtub’s Water and play your part in preventing Day Zero

Within our Blog, we aim to add our voice to issues that expand beyond luxury bathtubs into promoting responsible bath...

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