Warranty Terms

DADO lifetime warranty

DADO Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd, the manufacturer, warrants its baths and basins to be free of defects in materials or craftsmanship for a period of twenty-five years from the date of delivery. The manufacturer’s liability under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the bath or basin, if defective in the opinion of DADO Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd. or its representative.

This warranty may be invalidated if any of the following circumstances exist:

  • The product was installed in a manner not appropriate to the product.
  • The product was not used for an appropriate purpose.
  • The product was exposed to harmful chemicals (like mineral acids) or extreme environmental conditions.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or any consequential loss resulting from a defect in the product. Claims from any entity who was not the original purchaser of the product will be considered invalid. Colour finishes will not be covered under this warranty. The colour finish is painted on the DADO bathtubs and basins, should the product be damaged or chipped then the natural pearl white matt finish will be visible. Damaged products can be treated at an additional cost.

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